With winter quickly creeping up on Ottawa, renters’ needs are changing. If you were once considering walking distances, you’re now considering busing distances, while if you were considering privacy, you’re now considering road maintenance. We know the very thought of house hunting in the snow makes you want to cry, but this list should make it much easier.

Here’s a list of the three most important factors Ottawa renters should consider this year:

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is arguably the most important factor when you live in the “great white north”. If you’re new to this climate, trust us when we say you’ll rather bus 10 minutes to work than walk five. If you drive, you should consider road and parking lot maintenance as well.


  1. Cost and size

Anyone in Ontario will tell you that electricity isn’t cheap. If your budget allowed for 1,950 square feet in the summer, it might not in the winter. The larger your home is, the harder it is to heat!


  1. Community

If you don’t have a snow blower, scoping out the prospective communities is a good idea. Communities near colleges or universities are more likely to be dominated by youth renters. Ideally, a community with a mid-40s population is most likely to have a neighbour or two with snow blowers to help with those especially rough Canadian snowstorms.


On that note, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latté, flip open your laptop and let the hunting begin! (Ps. We suggest starting with FPM.ca – wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Agree with us? Think there are any important factors that we missed in this list? Leave us your feedback in the comments and we’ll try to mention your ideas in our next post. Happy hunting!