It’s that time of year again. Colleges and universities will be preparing for the new school year, and new and returning students will be savouring their last few weeks of summer before heading to campus. If it’s going to be your first time living in your own place, away from home or in residence, you and your roommates might have to furnish the place yourselves.

When first arriving at university, it can be tempting to rely on a diet of fast-food or ready made meals. But, if you make sure your kitchen is stocked up with a few items, you can avoid having to resort to that.
Here are some of the kitchen essentials you should have when stocking up your first place:

Coffee maker or kettle

This is important for two reasons. Having a way to make your own coffee will help you stay away from places like Starbucks, and wasting $4 on their coffee. Also, you’ll need easy access to caffeine for those late night studying and/or Netflix sessions.

Wok or large frying panUtensils

Stir-fries are some of the easiest & cheapest things you can make yourself, and you can make them as healthy (or not) as you want. Being able to cook your own fried rice or noodles are a great alternative to those greasy fast-food meals. Buy one big enough so that you’ll be able to make enough for company, or to have leftovers.

A good knife set

While you might not be ready for a MasterChef audition just yet, having a good knife set is extremely important to have, regardless of your cooking ability. You don’t want to be stuck having to try and cut your steak with a butter knife. It will also make prepping food much easier if you have the proper tools (and will also make you look like you have your life together).

Cooking utensils

You’re going to need some things to actually cook with too. Trying to flip that chicken breast with your hand while its cooking in the pan is going to get old really quickly. You should get: a mixing bowl, a colander, tongs, spatula, can opener, vegetable peeler, and a measuring cup.


Now that you can actually cook the food, you’re going to need something to eat it off of. It might be tempting to just buy plastics plates & utensils, but buying a good dinner set of utensils, plates, and glasses is a good investment that will last you for years.


You’re going to need somewhere to put all your leftovers. Tupperware will also help you save a bit of money, since you can now bring food to school instead of buying your lunch everyday.

Cleaning Supplies

Yes, you actually have to clean your kitchen too.

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