So now that all the snow has FINALLY melted, and we have reached a point where we are finally confident enough to take of our winter tires, it is time for everyone’s favourite yearly activity: spring cleaning!

I know, just what you were hoping to spend your precious free time on, right?

It may not be how you want to spend one of your first weekends of patio-season, but it is necessary for the good of your home, your health, and, if your place is small and has become somewhat cluttered, your sanity.

We’ve got a couple notes here that will hopefully help you make quick work of your spring cleaning, and get you out enjoying the newly found sunshine in no time. So put on that upbeat Spotify playlist and get moving.

Take it room-by-room

Even if your apartment isn’t that big, it will be easier to clean if you break it down and clean one room at a team (which also creates easy opportunities for breaks in between). Skipping from one room to another will create more work for yourself, and you’ll be more likely to miss something if you’re bouncing around. Start with the room most in-need of a good clean, usually the kitchen or bathroom, and make your way to your bedroom, where you’ll be able to finish off with a well-deserved nap.

Actually clean those things that you never clean

It sucks, but the whole point of spring cleaning is giving your entire living space a VERY thorough once over, so that it will *hopefully* last until next spring.

Other than the things you clean on at least a semi-regular basis, when you do your spring cleaning make sure that you don’t forget the areas that you usually tend to neglect.

This could include:

  • Fans
  • Windows/Windowsill
  • Bookcases (in between/on top of books you may not read very often)
  • Top of picture frames

Really just the tops of everything you don’t normally clean. Trust us, there’s dust there.

  • Underneath your bed (seriously, who knows what’s under there?)
  • Your oven (it might even have a self-clean option)
  • Your fridge/freezer; when was that last time you pulled everything out and gave it a good clean?
  • Those hard to reach places in your bathroom


Getting rid of your excess clutter is just as important to spring cleaning as the actual cleaning part.

Clear up space where you usually horde things that shouldn’t be there; on that chair in your bedroom where you toss clothes that aren’t necessarily dirty enough for the wash, or your desk, which probably has half your collection of coffee mugs on it.

pics011Take everything out of your closet and drawers and put everything back neatly organized, and keep it that way. Poor organization is what leads to clutter in the first place. This could be clothing or even your kitchen and bathroom drawers.

And since you might have just seen parts of your apartment that you haven’t been touched since last spring:

Throw out things you never use

The most important part of the de-cluttering process, getting rid of your junk.

Since you’ve most likely uncovered things at the bottom of your closet that haven’t seen the light of day in almost 10 months, it might be worthwhile to think about getting rid of said things to clear up some space.

If you have heavy sweaters or jackets that you didn’t wear all winter season, consider donating them, so someone will actually use them next winter. Same goes for any other clothes that you don’t wear any more. It frees up precious closet space and can help those in need.

You could also think about doing the same thing with some of your books that go untouched. If you came across a fair amount of dust on your bookcase, maybe think about donating or selling some of the ones you never read anymore.

And, of course, throw out old food. Since you’re already cleaning out the fridge, be sure to toss out that old tub of cream cheese you haven’t touched in 6 months.

And now that you’ve done all that, all there is to do is patiently wait for summer to arrive.

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