The sun is shining; the air is warm. There is no better time of the year in Ottawa than early summer. Not too hot or humid, and far enough away from the winter months that the threat of snow is almost at 0% (never can be 100% sure with our weather though). Of course, you’re not going to want to waste this fantastic weather being alone. You’re going to want to spend it with your friends! And just because you don’t live in a house in the suburbs with a big yard and a bbq doesn’t mean you can’t have some friends over to celebrate the summer!

Read on to check out these 3 steps for hosting a summer party in your apartment, no matter what size!

Step 1: Prep your place properly

Good preparation is one of the most important parts of any party, and will ensure that your party runs as smoothly as possible. This means a couple of things.

First of all, your place should be CLEAN. This doesn’t mean just tidy up your place and sweep all the dirt under a rug. It means actually getting a sponge out and scrubbing some things down. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting all dressed up for a party and then not wanting to sit down anywhere because there’s crumbs and bits of dirt on every surface. If you need somewhere to start, check out one of our previous posts:

And if you’re worried there might not be enough room, don’t be afraid to move some furniture around. You’ll want to maximize the amount of space in the room you’re entertaining in to get the best flow.

Step 2: Prepare the 3 essentials; Food, Booze, and Music

I’m sure you’re a master conversationalist, but just in case, you should probably have some sort of sharing aspect to your party, to ensure that your guests are engaged throughout the evening.White-Sangria

Make a good playlist prior to everyone arriving. Preferably one that will resonate well with your guests; try to keep the mood upbeat.

If everyone is going to be drinking, be sure to make a couple of apps for your guests to snack on as well.

And speaking of booze, making a big pitcher of something cool and refreshing that everyone can share is a good idea to get the party started, and to keep everyone cool on a hot summer day.

We’re a fan of this one:

Step 3: Make sure it’s not a sauna

While I’m sure we all readily welcomed the heat that summer brought us, we all hav
e a tendency to curse once things start to get a LITTLE bit to warm.

Not exactly an uncommon occurrence when there are a lot of people in a small space.

If you’re not one of the fortunate ones to be blessed with air conditioning, make sure you have a window cracked and couple fans spread around the room to keep the air circulating.

As well, try to finish cooking at least 30 minutes before your guests start to arrive so you can let the oven cool down; a big heat source, especially if you have a smaller apartment.

Basically, if you do these 3 things, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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