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Tips for Students: 6 Kitchen Essentials

By Posted in Articles on Jul 30, 2016

It’s that time of year again. Colleges and universities will be preparing for the new school year, and new and returning students will be savouring …

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The Best Overlooked Downtown Ottawa Restaurants

By Posted in Articles on May 22, 2015

This list will hopefully  serve to bring some attention to a number of restaurants in Ottawa that more than deserve it. Some restaurants may have …

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Comfort Food Classics in Downtown Ottawa

By Posted in Articles on Feb 19, 2015

On a cold winter’s day – and we know there’s been enough of those in 2015 — there’s nothing better than a little comfort food …

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The 10 REAL Reasons that the ByWard Market Rocks

By Posted in Articles on Jan 22, 2015

A story published in the New York Times last week raised a lot of local indignation with Ottawa residents. The article called the ByWard Market …

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14 Specialty Food Stores Worth Visiting in Downtown Ottawa

By Posted in Articles on Nov 6, 2014

Whether you consider yourself a foodie, or just have a taste for the finer foods in life, downtown is the place to live in Ottawa. …

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