So maybe you weren’t one of the single ones on Valentine’s Day this year. Maybe you’ve been in a loving, committed relationship for a while now, and are ready to take it a step further. Maybe this step could be moving in with your partner.

Deciding whether or not to move in together is no small decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s a couple of things to consider before making the leap.

How do you know that now is the right time?

To be honest, you probably will never REALLY know if it’s the right time or not. But there is usually a progression of things of this nature when you’ve been dating the same person for a long time, and moving in together can be a natural step in that progression.

A good idea might be to do a trial run. Take a vacation together first. If you can survive the obstacles that might arise (stressful scheduling, finances, being so sunburnt that you can barely move, etc.), then you might be able to move on to the real thing.

You may realise that you spend practically every night at one of your apartments and it will click that it will ultimately makes more sense and feels natural to compile your resources, choose one of the locations, or find a new place for the both of you to start making memories in.

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But are you doing it for the wrong reasons?

There are also a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t move in together just yet (or ever).

Don’t start living together JUST because you feel like it is the next step in your relationship and it is expected of you both. If you are both perfectly content living on your own for the time being, then no one is forcing you to live together.

Don’t move in together purely for the convenience. Sure, it may be easier, maybe their apartment is closer to your work, but in the big scheme of things, these shaky foundations usually lead to bigger issues.

And definitely don’t make the move if the motivation is purely financial

Which will bring us to the most important point: finances

Finances are never an easy subject to discuss, whether it be with friends, family or your better half. As hard as it might be though, this is one of the most important conversations you must have before deciding to live together with your partner.

There are so many financial decisions that get made every single day, and being prepared for them and budgeting properly is essential to living with your significant other. This could be anything from the important stuff like rent & bills, to the trivial things like who will pay for your weekly Sunday brunch. It is important to have this discussion beforehand so the problem doesn’t arise later on, especially if one of you significantly out-earns the other.

All things considered, living under the same roof can be an incredible experience for the both of you and for your relationship, but, like any major decision, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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